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Antojos Ticos Costa Rican Cuisine
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23 S. Plainfield Ave.
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Antojos Ticos

At Antojos Ticos based in South Plainfield, NJ, all our patrons will be served by a Costa Rican staff and we have a menu that will delight even the most discerning of palates. We let you experience the gourmet delights of Costa Rica, which is based on a combination of Aboriginal, Spanish and African flavors. A few of our offerings include Chifrijo, Tacos Ticos, Gallo Pinto, Casados, Cantonese, Churrasco and more. To view our entire menu and to also download it, please click on the menu below.


Antojos Ticos Menu


Catering Menu

1/2 tray serves 12-15 people. All items served in disposable aluminum containers.

Empanadas (queso, pollo y/o carne)
Empanadas (cheese, chicken and/or beef) $35
Tamales (cerdo y/o pollo)
Tamales (pork and/ or chicken) $35
Tostones sin queso/ con queso
Green fried plantains with cheese/ w.out cheese $30/35
Platanos maduros sin queso/ con queso
Sweet plantains with cheese/ without cheese $30/35
Bandeja mixta (empanadas, tostones, platanos maduros, yuca frita)
Mixed tray (empanadas, tostones, sweet plantains, fried yucca sticks) $35
Picada (chicharron, yuca frita, tostones, dedos de mozarella, dedos de pollo)
BBQ platter (fried pork skin, fried yucca sticks, tostones, mozarella sticks, chicken fingers) $50
Arroz cantones
Cantonese rice $65
Arroz con pollo
Rice with chicken $50
Carne en salsa
Beef stew $65
Fried pork skin $50
Gallo Pinto
Rice and beans with salsa lizano $35
Torta Tres Leches
Tres Leches Cake $40

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